The Giving Keys is a pay it forward company and social impact enterprise that pioneered a business model of integrating commerce, social good, and inspirational words to impact the lives of others within and beyond the walls of the company. The Giving Keys mission is to provide jobs to people transitioning out of homelessness in LA - one job at a time, one key at a time


  • Elevate the brand position, evolving towards a youthful urban ethos, integrating the brand's core mission and DNA.

  • Promote the company’s commitment to creating jobs for those transitioning out of homelessness

  • Amplify The Giving Keys mission in a aspirational, authentic and relevant manner to increase market share and drive revenue.


  • Campaigns to introduce three new product collections, all with a consistent strategic positioning and story arc: Name Your Year, Urban Exhale, and the Disk Collection to attract current customers and prospects. To keep a focus on the mission, create a series of videos, sharing true success stories of the team inside the organization.

  • Feature product and people reflective of their inspirational word and personality. For the Name Your Year campaign, we developed a questionnaire for our cast to dive deeper into their personal narrative as it related to their chosen word. This content was paired with portraits on the Giving Keys website and in across their paid digital and social network.

  • To support the mission, create narratives of people who have experienced homelessness and have found their way back as a result of The Giving Keys commitment to foster change.


  • A newly defined creative and strategic roadmap with inherent authenticity that broadened their target audience to include the millennial demographic.

  • A differentiated and elevated positioning that allowed The Giving Keys to successfully expand into the broader mainstream jewelry market. 

  • The Urban Exhale collection, a new collection for the brand, sold out within days of the launch.

  • Created and launched a series of videos called, Meet The Makers, sharing real-life stories of hardship, support, opportunity and change, bringing attention and awareness to the cause and enduring mission behind The Giving Keys.




 * Campaign selects — full campaign available upon request.


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