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In support of their mission to help end homelessness in Los Angeles, The Giving Keys partnered with The Wayfarer Foundation to bring love,
dignity and compassion to people experiencing homelessness, and show that transformation is possible…and real.

The Meet The Makers video series shares success stories from three members
of The Giving Keys production team. The intention is to help people see and understand homelessness with a lot less judgement and more love, and to share that change can and does happen - one life at a time, one key at a time.

Meet Michael, Production Associate at The Giving Keys. “My department was laid off from JP Morgan back in 2012 and it was really difficult for me to find a job. I ended up on a park bench in Santa Monica and I think I would still be there today if it hadn’t been for @ChrysalisLA, which helps people get back into the workforce, ultimately leading me to The Giving Keys."

Meet Larry, Production Associate at The Giving Keys. “Joining The Giving Keys has affected my life in a lot of ways - not only financially, but it has also opened me up as a person. I didn't trust many people when I got here, and this team knocked that down."

Meet Betty, Production Associate at The Giving Keys. My name is Betty and I’m an addict. The last 25 years of my life I didn’t have steady work. I wasn’t always in my kid’s life. When I came to The Giving Keys they told me if I stayed and worked for six months they would hire me permanently. I like being at The Giving Keys, I have a new family and a new life.”

 * Campaign selects — full campaign available upon request.

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