BioTE® Medical is a leading innovator in precision and preventive medicine that has translated over 80 years of scientific insight into clinically validated medical protocols that identify and treat the earliest indicators of aging. BioTE trains and educates healthcare professionals to utilize a proprietary method of patient care that incorporates bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, clinical-grade nutraceuticals and peptide therapeutics to help extend healthspans for both women and men.  


  • Rebrand and reposition BioTE Medical to facilitate the strategic growth initiatives of the organization, aligning marketing, technology and product; operations; supply chain; sales and customer service; legal (FDA-compliancy); and finance. ​


  • Develop a comprehensive cross-channel strategy for the B2B and B2C businesses to expand BioTE’s position as the global leader in personalized and preventive medicine.

  • Scale access to medical training and education using digital platforms to recruit new practices and gain market share. Introduced the BioTE product line to the consumer marketplace.

  • Lead all marketing initiatives including brand, creative ideation, content development and execution, digital, social and traditional advertising, SEO, CRM, loyalty, influencer marketing, public relations, corporate events, internal & external communications.


  • Developed and executed communication strategies to increase awareness, engagement, product adoption, new product launches, delivering a 12% increase in annual gross revenue.

  • Branded, positioned and launched the BioTE nutraceutical product line, delivering a 20% increase in product sales.

  • Built and managed the internal marketing team and engaged multiple external agencies (Brand, Digital, and Public Relations) to expand the BioTE Medical brand across U.S. and Mexico, delivering a 12% growth in market penetration and reach.

  • Relaunched LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook social media channels with a focus on education, advocacy and community, including creative and analytics, delivering significant channel and platform growth:

    • LinkedIn: Followers: up 124% / Engagement: up 127% /
      Brand Awareness: up 115%

    • Instagram: Followers: up 40% / Engagement: up 60% /
      Brand Awareness: up 120%

    • Facebook: Followers: up 20% / Engagement: up 25% /
      Brand Awareness: up 60%

 * Campaign selects — full campaign available upon request.


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